Thursday, July 4, 2013

BIONICLE Websites Discontinued D=

I am sad to report the fact that the BIONICLE websites (, have been discontinued. It seems that LEGO is looking to erase all memory of BIONICLE. I wonder how Greg Farshtey feels about that... Well, we will always have the BIONICLE fan sites, including the list of links on the side, and this one is certainly not going nowhere!

If you have any interesting and reliable news on BIONICLE related subjects, please contact


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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome! continued

Hello again! If you just came from the fan-fic page, welcome; again! I just want to explain each of the tabs to you. This tab is for any BIONICLE news. I post any news on featured sales on rare items, comics, or such, plus updates and random little nice tidbits, occasionally a "link of the week" leading to an informative page from Wikipedia, just to keep it spiced up!

If you have any interesting and reliable news, please email (temporarily) and put in the subject bar: Bionicle News for Spiderstorm. Oh, and please check out the pics tab! Thanks!